VICOMER™ RNA Modulating Platform

✅ Multiple RNA modulating mechanisms of action
✅ Precision chemistry for optimal efficacy and safety
✅ Reversible and transient in nature
✅ No permanent changes to DNA code

Disease-first focus

Select the type of RNA modulation best
suited to correct the genetic defect

Multiple modalities to modulate RNA

VICOMER is a platform for antisense oligonucleotide designed to modulate RNA. Modulating approaches include translation, splicing, editing, degradation, and activation.

We select a specific type of RNA modulator best suited to correct the genetic defect and apply precision chemistry to achieve the desired efficacy and safety profile.

Building of biopartner 1, Vico labs in Leiden

RNA is in our DNA

Our platform technology is built on our significant experience in designing, manufacturing and developing antisense oligonucleotides as RNA modulating therapeutics.

Our antisense oligonucleotides are simple synthetic but biodegradable stretches of nucleotides that allow high sequence-specificity, straightforward optimization of structure activity relationship, and finetuned implementation of state-of-the-art chemical modifications.

Scientific Publications